Shower Service

By the time Robert awoke, he was 20 minutes late for his meeting.

"Argh... I forgot to set the alarm!"

He quickly jumps up and heads for the shower. Enveloped in the warmth of the steamy mist, Robert reflects on the night before. Had he really experienced the night of passion he now remembered? Hearing footsteps from behind and the breach of the shower curtain, Robert turns to face the culprit.

Behind him stands a honey brown goddess. The woman seems familiar to him. Robert ponders the night before, he had been at the bar with his buddies. "Ah!" Suddenly it rushed back to him, it is Janet the cocktail waitress, standing in front of him in her bare decadence. Last night she had served his "cock" with her "tail".

Robert felt his blood surge between his legs causing his rod to harden and rise. Janet's hands begin fondling his tool, making it even more excited with each stroke. Janet kneels and places her mouth around Robert's member. In one smooth motion, she suctions him into her throat and caresses him with her moist tongue. Janet pumps her head back and forth a few times, then releases his dick, causing Robert to moan uncontrollably and nearly collapse in exhiliration.

Without hesitation, Robert Twirls Janet to make her rear face him, in unison, she leans over and arches her back. He plunges his now aching shaft into the tiny void within her awaiting crevass. He feels it give way his warm load.

Robert places his large powerful hands around her petit waist. He pulls her towards him, shoving himself deeper inside. Then pushes her gently away, then pulls again, and again repeatedly. Watching her satiny braids toss around and her amazing breasts bouncing against her like two plump water filled balloons. Robert can't hold his excitement any longer, he embraces her breasts in his hands continuing to thrust against her. Finally he allows himself to explode inside of her!

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